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Generation Challenges 2010 is an initiative that aims to provide a common forum for a number of different NLG Shared Tasks.

As part of Generation Challenges 2010, we are organising a set of tasks based on the GREC-People Corpus, a corpus of 2,000 introduction sections from Wikipedia articles in which all mentions of people entities have been annotated. There are three submission tracks:

  1. GREC-NEG: participating systems select a referring expression (RE) from a given list of REs for each mention of each person entity in a text.
  2. GREC-NER: participating systems must recognise all mentions of people in a text and identify which mentions corefer.
  3. GREC-Full: end-to-end RE regeneration task; participating systems must identify all mentions of people and then aim to generate improved REs for the mentions.

Full details are provided in two Participants Packs (GREC-NEG'10 and GREC-NER/Full'10) which participants will receive on registration.

Submitted systems and evaluation results will be presented in a special session at the INLG'10 in Dublin and accompanying reports will be published in the conference proceedings.


3 October 2009 First Call for Participation in GREC Tasks; GREC-NEG Participants’ Pack available;
31 October 2009 GREC-NER/FULL Participants Pack available
05 April - 02 May 2010 Test data submission period; 4-step submission process:
  1. Fill in submission form.
  2. Upload 2-page paper describing approach and reporting development set results.
  3. Download test data (inputs only).
  4. Submit test data outputs at the latest 48 hours after download, but in any case no later than May 02.
02 May 2010 Final deadline for submission of test data outputs
02-23 May 2010 Evaluation period
07-09 July 2010 Generation Challenges meeting at INLG’10


  • Anja Belz, NLTG, University of Brighton, UK
  • Eric Kow, NLTG, University of Brighton, UK

GREC'10 homepage: http://www.nltg.brighton.ac.uk/research/genchal10/grec
GREC'10 email:

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19 October 2009
GREC'10 Call for Participation
07 July 2009
Generation Challenges 2010 Announcement