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Generation Challenges 2009 is an initiative that aims to provide a common forum for a number of different NLG Shared Tasks.

As part of Generation Challenges 2009, we are organising two GREC Shared Task Competitions. The first is the GREC-MSR (Main Subject References) Task which uses the GREC-2.0 Corpus of 2,000 Wikipedia introduction sections where references to the main subject of the Wikipedia article have been annotated, and the task is to develop a system that can select (from a given list) an MSR that is appropriate in the context. The second is the GREC-NEG (Named Entity Generation) Task which uses the new GREC-People Corpus of 1,000 Wikipedia introduction sections about people in which single and plural references to all people mentioned in the text have been annotated. The task in GREC-NEG is to select appropriate referential expressions for all mentions (singular and plural) of people.

Submitted systems and evaluation results will be presented in a special session at the ACL-IJCNLP'09 Workshop on Language Generation and Summarisation on 6 August 2009 in Singapore, and accompanying reports will be published in the workshop proceedings.

For details please refer to the Call for Participation.


15 May - 01 June 2009 GREC'09 submission of test data outputs:
  1. submit system report
  2. download test data
  3. submit outputs within 48 hours
01 June 2009 Final deadline for submission of GREC'09 test data outputs
01-30 June 2009 GREC'09 Evaluation period
06 Augest 2009 GREC'09 meeting at ACL-IJCNLP'09 Workshop on Language Generation and Summarisation


  • Anja Belz, NLTG, University of Brighton, UK
  • Albert Gatt, Computing Science, University of Aberdeen, UK
  • Eric Kow, NLTG, University of Brighton, UK
  • Jette Viethen, Macquarie University, Australia

GREC'09 homepage: http://www.nltg.brighton.ac.uk/research/genchal09/grec
GREC'09 email:

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30 January 2009
New submission deadline of 1 June 2009 announced;
New Call for Participation published
19 January 2009
GREC'09 Final Call for Participation
05 September 2008
GREC'09 First Call for Participation
01 April 2008
Generation Challenges 2009 Announcement